Kids (Pediatric Patients)

As an actively involved father of two teenage daughters and a school age son,
Children are Dr Nasseri’s favorite patients!

Not only has he made hundreds of little boys and girls feel better, he even wrote a special book for them to read that explains some of what he does. It’s called “Getting a Tonsillectomy” and Dr. Nasseri is right there on the cover. Go ahead and look…we’ll wait.

If you think you might like to read the book before coming in, you can click on the giant book cover to the right and it will take you to a website with more information.

Appointments for our little patients are made through the same system as adults – (310) 289-8200.

Getting a Tonsillectomy with Dr. Nasseri

A Recent Testimonial From A Patient’s Parent

Dear Dr. Nasseri,

It’s _____, _____’s mom. I would like to express my gratitude to you. I so wish there was a word that exceeds being incredibly thankful …. you saved my boys’ life!!! ?

I’ve been blessed to be by _____’s side every little step of the way. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to stay longer, and had more time with _____ for home care, since I unexpectedly had to take a night flight back to East Coast cause my other son ended up having pneumonia. I apologize for not being able to tell you in person before I left.

Thank you for being the best surgeon, your expertise and brilliance saved _____’s life and yes also his voice!

And besides that, you are the coolest doc ever haha!! ___ loves ya!!!

You promised me you were gonna do everything you could and treat him as if he were your own…. YOU DID!!!

Thank you for being straight up with me and took time and effort to explain and involve me in all your findings opinions decisions and ultimately surgery. I realize the surgery was extremely complicated and I’m in absolute awe what you have done for _____.

My heart was in a million pieces and you put _____ AND my life back together. I found comfort in how personable you were during my stay and that certainly helped _____ too.

I’m just immensely grateful for you. It was devastating to see how fragile life can be when it hit my boy. _____ was/is a trooper pulling through the way he did and we both know it was you who made that possible. _____ has kept me updated and I’m so glad you have not taken the slightest chance on any doubt. Hopefully the still existing swelling is natural and we beat the infection!!

Sorry for the novel lol …


A very very grateful and happy mom ❤️