Special Office Evaluations & Treatments

Surgical Procedures & Treatments

Minimizing Antibiotic drug resistance by utilizing Bacterial Cultures (since 2000)

Full bench Microbiology laboratory testing for culture-directed treatment by a licensed Laboratory Scientist.

Voice Analysis with Video-Strobo-Laryngoscopy (since 1995)

Kay-Pentax HD Digital Videostroboscopy System

Imaged Guided Surgical Stereotactic Guidance (since 1996)

Medtronic Fusion Stereotaxis System
Surgical Guidance for surgery with accuracy up to 1-2 mm (head of a pin)

Digital Office CT Scanner (since 2006)

Digital, Low- Dose Office-Based Cone Beam CT scan by Xoran
Digital CT scanning with scan exposure as low as 2 roundtrip flights from LA to NY.

Common Surgical Procedures

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

Minimally Invasive and Functional Sinus Surgery

Balloon Assisted Sinuplasty using Balloon Dilation

Acclarent Spin Balloon

Balloon sinus surgery

Laryngeal Surgeries For Nodules, Polyps, & other disorders

Laryngeal polyps
Vocal cord nodules
Hemorrhage of the vocal cord

Hemmorgaic Vocal Cord Nodule

Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyop

Hemorrhagic Vocal Cord Polyop 2

Large Vocal Cord Polyp